Metalworking and Machining


Large or small if it is made of steel I can probably weld it for you. I have a wire feed welder for quick medium sized pieces, a stick welder for larger pieces and a TIG welder for small precise welds. I don’t currently have the capability of welding Aluminum but it is something I am thinking of adding in the future.


I have a SouthBend 9 Junior lathe with a 48” bed. It is old but it is in very nice shape. I don’t currently have a milling machine but I am hoping to add the ability to mill at least small parts sometime in the future. Since I my machining setup is small and all manual it is best suited for small batches of parts or repairs to existing parts.

Most of my machining experience has come working for Ancient Auto, they work mainly on really old cars the parts are impossible to get for. That means there is a lot of designing parts and manual machining of small batches of parts.


I am in the process of setting up a small furnace for melting aluminum, copper, and bronze. I have only done a small amount of casting but it is something I am interested in doing more of and learning more about. If you have a small piece you want cast let me know and we can work together to come up with something.