Carpentry and Woodworking


In 2010 I bought a house that needed a bunch of work. I stripped it down to the studs and the sheathing and put it back together again along with and addition, two car garage and workshop. It has been quite a process. While I still have some work to do the end is in sight. The past few years my progress has been slower because I have been working for several different people doing carpentry and a working a few other part time jobs.


I bought a bunch of woodworking tools and machines from my grandfather-in-law’s estate and have a workshop setup. My first major woodworking project was a roubo style woodworking bench which I love using. My next major project was a cradle which was also a fun project. My shop is fairly small so it works best for physically smaller projects. I also have been making and installing my own hardwood tongue and groove hardwood flooring. I made the flooring from an oak tree that got undercut by tropical storm irene and ended up in the brook near my house. I pulled it out, sawed it, had it dried, and milled it into flooring. I don’t think custom making flooring is in any way cost effective but it can make very nice flooring with a story behind it.


My father has a Woodmizer LT40 bandsaw mill that we use to saw logs mainly for our own use. It is technically a portable mill however it is built into a building so it stays in one spot. If you have a way to bring logs to us we would be happy to saw them for you. The mill has a computer setworks on it which makes for very precise boards. It also lets us saw boards that are odd thicknesses. If you need to match existing lumber that is an odd size we can saw it for you. When working on my house I needed some 13/16 boards to match the existing sheathing on my house. Using the digital set works made it very easy to saw the boards and they matched the existing boards very well. If you want a pile of standard 2×4’s you would probably be better off just buying them from the lumber yard but if you want something different or special just ask.